How will I know my bankruptcy case has been processed?

Adler Law Firm Bankruptcy Case

The Court Process

To check the status of your bankruptcy filling proceed to the court’s website for your case’s status. You’ll get notified on your case’s status throughout the entire process. The court will update your case’s status on the site; they’ll also send you a notice in the mail of their final decision. We guarantee they’ll mail you a letter stating that your debts have been discharged if you choose to work with us at Adler Law Firm.

Should you hire a lawyer?

But why should you trust us at Adler Law? Simple. Each year, we help hundreds of people like you get rid of their debt declaring Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We’ll learn your pain points and help you discharge their debt while improving your personal finances. We focus all of our energy and time on one thing: helping you successfully file for bankruptcy. Successfully filing for bankruptcy serves as the key to your freedom.

Why choose Adler Law Firm PLLC

Something to keep in mind is that filing for bankruptcy alone will not help you in the future unless you have the right advice for your specific situation. We view ourselves as financial advisors who use bankruptcy as a tool to help you live debt-free through bankruptcy while identifying and executing ways to actively improve your financial scenario both during and after the filing process. Simply call us at 248-270-8223 to set up your free consultation with us and learn how we can help set you free. 

We’re completely transparent about our entire process since we have one goal: help you restart your life debt-free by filing successfully filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. That’s why we tell you everything up-front. For example, our rates start at $499 and range to $1,099 pending case complexity. We also guarantee your success with us and accommodate your busy schedule.

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