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Bankruptcy doesn't have to permanently ruin your credit score! Let Adler Law Firm help get you started on your way to a debt free future.

Required Documents

  • Government Issued Identification- Driver's License, State ID, Social Security Card (or W2 with Social Security # on it.)
  • Tax Returns for the past 2 Years-This can help determine what chapter you should file bankruptcy under.
  • Income Information- Pay Stubs, Social Security or Unemployment compensation, other proof of income.
  • Real Estate Documentation- If you own a home or other real estate, you may may need to provide your deed and mortgage statements.
  • Vehicle Titles- For any vehicles you own as well as recreational vehicles.
  • Bank Statements- Sometimes you need to provide bank statements for the past two to three months.
  • 401K & Pension Plan Statements, Stock Certificates, Bonds, Life Insurance Policies- These accounts are usually exempt from creditors, but documentation is still required.
  • Divorce Judgments- If you have been divorced, we can use this to look for settlements that may still be owed to you to help your case.

To learn more about bankruptcy, see our Services page. If you already know which type of bankruptcy is best for you, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, call us and we’ll get the process started as soon as possible. See the areas that we serve to find out whether or not our law firm can help. 


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